I'm a writer and freelance editor living in London and am director of the Poetry Book Fair. I am half-Italian. I've previously worked in educational publishing, children's publishing, in videogames magazines, as Digital Co-ordinator at the Poetry Library, and most recently as a comics editor. I'm also currently teaching poetry at the University of Hertfordshire. I once sailed across the Indian Ocean.

My pamphlet Flying into the Bear was published in 2013 by HappenStance Press and was shortlisted for the Michael Marks Awards. The TLS called it "the most energetic, delightful collection you will read this year". (That year.)

My poems and essays have appeared in various places, including Adventures in Form, Poetry London, Poetry Review, The Rialto, The Scotsman, S/S/Y/K and Tears in the Fence and I have read at many venues, including the Southbank Centre and for BBC Radio 3. I am Joint Editor of the (currently snoozing) world's first and finest edible poetry magazine: Poetry Digest.

I have three other pamphlets, most recently Epigraphs (if p then q), as well as The Jam Trap (Soaring Penguin) and ANGELA (Sidekick Books), both created in collaboration with comics artists (ANGELA originally started life as pamphlet/concrete poetry broadside Murder, She Wrote). I have taught on poetry and comics for the Poetry School, and run an informal poetry and comics workshop. There's a poetry comics scrapbook online here and I am currrently editing the UK's first book on poetry comics for Sidekick Books


A sequence of 100 epigraphs, each of which could stand in for an individual poem, as well combining to form a single sequence in a hundred voices. It can be purchased direct from the publisher's website: If P Then Q shop 

"Chrissy Williams has taken advantage of a massive range of influences in order to create something fascinating." - Sarah Gonnet

"Clearly an interest in popular culture and the advent of the internet is combined here with a more 'high-art' tendency though the barriers appear to have totally broken down..." - Steve Spence, Stride

"Chrissy Williams is opening a new space for British experimental poetry ... not only making it new: she is making it vital." - Marcus Slease, Shearsman



Fusing Murder, She Wrote with Twin Peaks, ANGELA is a new collaborative pamphlet featuring fantastically disturbing art by Howard Hardiman and dark melodramatic text, some extracts from which were previously published as a concrete poetry p.o.w. broadside. This pamphlet is published by Sidekick Books.

It was launched on 16th October 2013, the date of real-life Angela Lansbury's 88th birthday which was celebrated in style. There are a few words about the pamphlet here on the Poetry School's website. You will find assorted photos from the launch on Facebook.

There is an interview about the creative process on the Spindle website.

"The pamphlet gives a feeling of deep unease alongside a sense of psychological turmoil mired in absurdity. Shining through all this is Angela’s light-hearted personality making this comic a source of both stark beauty and subversive pleasure." - Eric Anderson, Lonesome Reader

You can buy it here.

Here are some trailers which were devised for the launch of ANGELA:



Flying into the Bear

Flying into the Bear was published in April 2013 by HappenStance Press. It was shortlisted for that year's Michael Marks Awards.

There are some pictures below and a sample poem. It has unfortunately now completely sold out and is no longer in print.

From a few reviews:

"The most energetic, delightful collection you will read this year" - Andrew McCulloch, TLS

"Sharply intelligent, these poems seem scattered and watchful" - Alison Prince, The North

"an atmosphere of the ecstatic, seen in sudden lateral movement, unexpected surges of the psyche, pleasurable and spontaneous" - Afric McGlinchey Sabotage Reviews

"Flying into the Bear is charged with an emotional gravity" - Nick Murray Annexe Magazine

"a pleasure in pluralism" - Richard O'Brien Poetry London

"Williams works very well with different forms" - Charles Whalley, Under the Radar

"quickly and mystifyingly turns into something much more alarming" - Thomas Ovans London Grip

"delights us with the unexpected" - John Field

"Chrissy Williams’s poems are full of playful possibilities" - Emma Lee

Flying into the Bear, Chrissy Williams (a/w by Gillian Rose), published April 2013 by HappenStance Press.

Murder, She Wrote

A new pamphlet, broadsheet, broadside, poster, thing: Murder She Wrote. It's part of the p.o.w. series published by Antonio Claudio Carvalho, inspired by Hansjorg Mayer's futura series from the 1960s. I'm not quite sure how to describe it other than a dark love letter to Angela Lansbury. I'll paste some terrifyingly nice words about it from Chris McCabe below, though you can read about the whole series on Chris's blog, where there's also some info on how to get hold of them.

"Chrissy Williams is one of the few poets who've emerged over the past few years who gives me that static-suspense of wondering what she'll come up with next. Williams has a gift of layering the serious and preposterous which leaves you unsure if you should be dancing with the Muppets or calling for the undertaker. Her gift is in making what might be just preposterous in other poets' work seem inevitable in hers - why hasn't anyone written a violent love poem to Angela Lansbury before? This is a resounding end to p.o.w. series 2, melding poetry that is precisely tuned and mysterious with the visual in a way that it would be hard to imagine the world without."

Overview of the broadside.

p.1 of the broadside

Murder She Wrote, Chrissy Williams, published August 2012 by p.o.w.

The Jam Trap

Here it is - a real thing in the world! Albeit one filled with jam, scotch eggs, The Terminator and more than a couple of dogs. You can buy it direct from the publisher's website.

The pamphlet of 24 prose poems is published by Soaring Penguin Press and has been illustrated by lots of different wonderful comics artists including John Aggs, Lizz Lunney, Meiron Jones, Sarah McIntyre, Ellen Lindner, Laurenn McCubbin, Julia Scheele and many more.

From reviews:
Mslexia: "unusual and refreshing"
Tears in the Fence: "familiar truths presented with wry humour"
Sabotage Reviews: "an accessibility which belies its confident ingenuity"

You can preview some pages from the book over on Peony Moon.

The Jam Trap, Chrissy Williams (a/w by various comics artists), published February 2013 by Soaring Penguin Press.